El proceso de la Orden de Protección

Los tribunales (las cortes) de Idaho pueden ayudarle a una víctima de violencia doméstica a través de las ordenes de protección cuales restringen o prohíben el contacto entre la víctima del abuso y el abusador. Código de Idaho Sección 39-6301 et. seq. La violencia doméstica incluye herida fisica, abuso sexual, encarcelamiento forzado o la amenaza de lo mismo.

The Protection Order Process

Idaho courts can assist a victim of domestic violence through protection orders which restrict or prohibit contact between the victim of abuse and the abuser. Idaho Code Section 39-6301, et seq.  Domestic violence includes physical injury, sexual abuse, forced imprisonment or the threat thereof.

Domestic Violence and Fair Housing Laws

National and local statistics show that 90-95% of victims of domestic violence are women. When a housing provider has a policy of denying tenancy to or evicting anyone who is involved in a domestic violence incident, the housing provider's neutral policy could have a "disparate impact" on women. Because women are far more likely to be the victims of domestic violence and not the perpetrators, domestic violence policies such as these negatively affect women far more than men, and are likely to be a violation of fair housing laws.