Long-Term Care: Is Private Insurance Right For You?

It’s a task that few of us look forward to: arranging for help to be there if, as senior citizens, we
are no longer able to care for ourselves. For 1.4 million seniors, that care comes in a nursing home
where most residents have their bills paid by the government through the Medicaid program. For
millions of others, that care comes from family members or paid providers, in homes or assisted living

Medical Discount Plans: They’re Not Health Insurance

Affordable Health Care Plan,  Pre-existing conditions? No problem!  No Deductible or Co-pays,  Thousands of providers in our PPO network,  Discounts up to 60%

Claims like these in magazines, on television, or on the Internet may sound like they’re selling health insurance. Probably not. Most of the time, they’re pitching a medical discount plan, card, or program, and chances are, they’re aimed at people who are in the market for ways to reduce the cost of health care...