Reasonable Accommodation Request Template

What is a Reasonable Accommodation?

A reasonable accommodation is a change in the policy, rules, procedures, practices, or services that allows a person with a disability to have an equal opportunity to use and enjoy their housing as any other tenant. Accommodations must be practical and reasonable and must not pose an "undue burden" on the owner or alter the main function of the housing (for example, asking your landlord to help you pay your bills or drive you to appointments would alter the function from housing manager to advocate or personal assistant and may not be reasonable).

If you are unsure whether you may qualify to request a reasonable acommodation under federal or state law, please review our housing materials regarding reasonable accommodations or call our office to be placed on the Housing Advice Line.

Requesting a Reasonable Accommodation

Microsoft Word Fillable Template to Request a Reasonable Accommodation

Please find a Microsoft Word document at the bottom of this page which you can fill out to request a reasonable accommodation from your landlord or housing program. This template is based on federal housing law.

Interactive Form to Request a Reasonable Accommodation

An interactive forms packet is available for free to seniors and low income individuals to request a reasonable accommodation from their landlord or housing program. 

The information you will need to complete the Reasonable Accommodation interview includes:

  • Your current full legal name;
  • Your rental property address and your mailing address;
  • The name of rental property's owner, landlord, or property manager;
  • The name of your housing program, if applicable; and,
  • The name of your housing program's director, if applicable.

To begin the interactive form to request a reasonable accommodation, click HERE.

Note: you must have the Adobe Flash Player to use the interactive forms.

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Microsoft Word is used for developing these documents. If the computer you are using uses Notepad, WordPad, or some other program for word processing, you may have difficulties with your documents. If you do not have Microsoft Word, you can download Microsoft Word Viewer for free from

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 If you don’t have all of the required information, you can still use the interactive forms to fill in the information you do have. If you set up a free and confidential user name and password for the interactive forms, you can start your form, save your answers, and finish completing the interactive forms when you have the remaining needed information.

Interactive Forms FAQs 

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