The information you will need to complete the minor name change packet interview includes:

  • Your current full legal name.
  • The current full legal name of the minor/s whose name/s you wish to change. Important Note: If you are going to request the name change of more than one minor child, the children's legal mother and father must be the same. If they are not, you need to complete a separate name change request for each minor.
  • Your mailing address or a mailing address where you can receive mail.
  • Your phone number or a phone number where a message can be left if necessary.
  • If you are a legal guardian, the address of the minor's father and mother, or if either or both are deceased, the address of up to two other living relative(s) in thier father and mother's family. Note: if you have questions about this, please contact a Court Assistance Officer for additional information.
  • The county, city, and state where the minor child/ren was/were born (or country if not the US). Note: We have provided a resource in the interactive forms to help you find the county if you know the city and state.
  • The single reason for the name change request.
  • Note: A printed notice with your request for a name change must be published once a week for four (4) successive weeks in a newspaper in your county.

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If you don’t have all of the required information, you can still use the interactive forms to fill in the information you do have. If you set up a free and confidential user name and password for the interactive forms, you can start your form, save your answers, and finish completing the interactive forms when you have the remaining needed information. Or, you can complete as much of the information as possible, take your forms to your local CAO office, and ask for assistance with filling in the remaining needed information.

To learn more about the project and what to expect when you use the interactive court forms, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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