Tenant's Declaration of Rental Agreement for Rental Assistance Applications

On Wednesday, May 5, 2021, the CDC eviction moratorium Order was challenged in court and was vacated (withdrawn). However, the same day, the court issued a stay, which prohibits enforcing that ruling at this time. Therefore, the CDC eviction moratorium Order is still in place for the timebeing. We will post updates to our website as they become available.

If you are behind on rent, please reach out to the following organizations to get rental assistance as soon as possible to preserve your housing:

Please find attached a template that you can use as a tenant applying for rental assistance if you do not have a copy of your lease, because you either lost your lease or you were never provided a copy of your lease, or because you had a lease but the lease expired and you are now a month-to-month tenant at the same rental property. 

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