Interactive court forms for Small Claims cases are now available for free to low income individuals. If you are looking for Small Claims forms you can print out and complete by hand, you can visit the Court Assistance Office website for those printable forms.

Links to the interactive Self-Help Forms are available either by scrolling further down the page or by clicking on the Forms tab above.

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Please check the list below to make sure you qualify to use the interactive forms currently available:

  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • The small claims case does not involve a local, state, or federal agency (government office). Note: For those cases, you will need to contact your local Court Assistance Office for additional information.
  • The dollar amount, value of the property, or combined total (if you are seeking a dollar amount and property) in your claim must be $5,000 or less.

If any of the statements above are false, check with your local CAO Office for additional information about how to proceed.

Small Claims - Interactive Forms

  • Click Here to File a Small Claims Case - Use this interactive form packet if you want to file a small claims action against an individual, sole proprietorship, business, partnership, or legal association.
  • Click Here to Request a Change of Venue - Use this interactive form packet if you are a defendant and you want to ask that the venue (county) of the Small Claims case filed against be changed to your county of residence.
  • Click Here to Answer a Small Claims Action - Use this interactive form packet if you are a defendant and wish to provide the courts with an answer to the case filed against you because you disagree with the claim.


These forms are not for commercial use and charging for use in any way is prohibited.

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