Fair Lending/Fair Housing Legal Advice Line

Idaho Legal Aid has implemented a Fair Lending/Fair Housing Legal Advice Line to address issues or questions about housing discrimination.  The federal Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination in the sale and rental of housing based on a person’s race, color, national origin, sex, religion, disability, or familial status (the presence of children under the age of 18).   The Fair Lending/Fair Housing Legal Advice Line is funded by a Fair Housing Initiatives Program (FHIP) grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  In addition to a toll-free legal advice line, free pu

Fair Lending/Fair Housing Client Satisfaction Survey

Your help is needed in evaluating and improving Idaho Legal Aid Services= (ILAS) services on the Fair Lending/Fair Housing Legal Advice Line. Please complete this survey as we must report the level and quality of service you received to the funding agency that provided the grant that allows us to make this service available to you and others. We value client feedback, both positive and negative, and appreciate your to complete our survey.

Fair Lending Poster

ILAS Fair Lending Project poster for the Fair Lending Advice Line.  Available for printing and posting at your business.

Fair Lending Brochure

Idaho Legal Aid Services Fair Lending: Predatory Lending Abuses Brochure.

Fair Housing/Fair Lending Project Workshops




Fair Housing/Fair Lending Project Workshops

Fair Housing Workshops

  • Basic and Advanced General Fair Housing
  • Support/Service Animal Rights and Responsibilities
  • Title VI Rights and Responsibilities
  • Reasonable Accommodations/Modifications
  • We will create a workshop to fit your needs!


Fair Lending Project: How to Escalate Your Case

Idaho Legal Aid Services Fair Lending Project:
How to Escalate Your Case

File a Complaint against the Bank at:


When You File a Bank Complaint On-line:

ILAS Fair Lending Newsletter

Idaho Legal Aid Services Fair Lending News Letters.

A Consumer’s Guide to Mortgage Refinancings

Have interest rates fallen? Or do you expect them to go up? Has your credit score improved enough so that you might be eligible for a lower-rate mortgage? Would you like to switch into a different type of mortgage?  The answers to these questions will influence your decision to refinance your mortgage. But before deciding, you need to understand all that refinancing involves. Your home may be your most valuable financial asset, so you want to be careful when choosing a lender or broker and specific mortgage terms.

What You Should Know About Refinancing

Refinancing is a process in which you pay off one or more existing debts with a new home loan. If you have perfect credit, refinancing is sometimes a good way to obtain a lower interest rate or to convert a variable rate loan to a fixed rate. However, if you are in the midst of financial difficulties, if you have too much debt, or if you have bad credit, refinancing is loaded with pitfalls. We recommend that you be very careful when
refinancing debts. Many refinancing loans hurt consumer. Here are twelve things to consider before refinancing...

Interest Only Mortgage Payments and Payment-Option ARMs – Are They For You

Owning a home is part of the American dream. But high home prices may make the dream seem out of  reach. To make monthly mortgage payments more affordable, many lenders offer home loans that allow you to (1) pay only the interest on the loan during the fi rst few years of the loan term or (2) make only a specifi ed minimum payment that could be less than the monthly interest on the loan...