Pro Bono Opportunities for Idaho Lawyers with IVLP

If you are looking for a pro bono/volunteer lawyer, please visit the Idaho Volunteer Lawyers Program website for more information by clicking HERE.

Register to get involved in pro bono! Idaho Pro Bono Opportunities

If you would like to volunteer with Idaho Legal Aid Services you can fill out our volunteer information form by clicking HERE.

The promise of equal justice in our society requires the commitment and involvement of the private bar in the legal concerns of the poor. The inspiration, which comes from helping someone truly in need who, without you, would be unable to seek justice, can be one of the more rewarding and inspiring experiences in your legal career.

What kind of help is needed?

Fortunately, Idaho has an organization that makes it easy for you to volunteer to help someone with a critical legal need. The Idaho Volunteer Lawyers Program (IVLP), a Idaho Law Foundation program, has set up a way for you to easily assist low income clients with the following types of cases:

  • Custody and VisitationMan writing on legal pad
  • Divorce (limited - contact your local crisis center if you are a victim of domestic violence)
  • Modification of child custody court orders
  • Debt Defense (limited)
  • Guardianship of Adults or Child(ren)
  • Assistance for nonprofit corporations
  • Wills and Probate (limited assets)

Note: The IVLP does not accept fee generating matters, real estate cases, criminal matters, worker's compensation, or patent/copyrights cases.

IVLP makes volunteering to help as easy as possible.

  • IVLP staff screens applicants to make sure they are low-income and have appropriate types of cases.
  • IVLP staff will match you with eligible applicants.
  • The IVLP can connect you with a mentor to help when it's a new area of law for you.
  • The IVLP provides malpractice insurance (if needed).
  • IVLP clients receive an automatic filing fee waiver.
  • When you accept an IVLP case, you can receive a voucher for a free Law Foundation CLE.
  • The IVLP will help find resources for costs.
  • The IVLP offers recognition for your contribution.

If you volunteer for IVLP, Idaho Legal Aid attorneys may be able to help you.

  • ILAS is the largest provider of civil legal services to Idaho's poor.
  • We practice in many of the areas covered by IVLP.
  • Our attorneys are available to consult with IVLP volunteers on cases in the areas we practice.
  • ILAS may be able to connect volunteer attorneys with legal forms or other legal materials to help them represent their clients.

Other opportunities for participation in IVLP projects include IVLP-sponsored Advice and Consultation clinics at Senior Citizen and Community centers, conducting family law or bankruptcy advice and consultation clinics and serving as Volunteer Attorney of the Day. You could also volunteer to mentor in specific areas of the law by advising other attorneys who accept pro bono referrals.

How do I volunteer?

Register to get involved in pro bono! Idaho Pro Bono Opportunities

Call or e-mail IVLP to volunteer. If you are in the Treasure Valley call 334-4510, anywhere else call toll free 1-800-221-3295 either to accept a case or participate in one of the IVLP's other ongoing projects.

You can also print out the PDF IconPro Bono Pledge and let IVLP know how you would like to help. FAX the form to IVLP at (208) 334-4515 or mail to IVLP, PO Box 895, Boise, ID 83701-0895.

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