Explanation of Areas of Law

Child Custody/Visitation - Representing a client in a civil child custody proceeding where custody is claimed by the client and at least one other private individual.

Child Support Enforcement - Involves representing an individual, male or female, regarding payment or reimbursement of past or current child support to ensure that the collection and distribution of this child support is done fairly and reasonably.

Divorce - Representing a client in securing a divorce or annulment.

Parental Rights Termination - Representing a client in terminating the parental rights of another.

Protection Order - Representing a client in seeking a protection order against others.

Adoption - Representing a client in an adoption proceeding.

Adult Guardianship/Conservatorship - Representing an adult client on guardianship and conservatorship proceedings.

Minor Guardianship - Representing a minor client in a guardianship proceeding.

Name Change - Representing a client in a name change proceeding.

Social Security - Issues include eligibility for disability benefits and overpayment cases.  This is a federally administered program providing income for the disabled, senior citizens, widows, and children of deceased parents.

SSI - Supplemental Security Income, a federally administered program providing grants to disabled persons and senior citizens.  Issues raised are eligibility, amount of grant, and overpayments.

Medicaid - Federal and state financed programs providing health care benefits to senior citizens/low income persons.

Medicare - Federally funded financed physician and hospital coverage for recipients of Social Security retirement or disability benefits.

Food Stamps - Representing an individual who has been denied food stamps or whose amount of food stamps has been reduced.

Veterans Benefits/Other Administrative - Representation of clients in other administrative areas such as Veterans, Hill-Burton benefits, etc.

State Assistance (TAFI, AABD, etc.) - Programs administered by the state providing Temporary Assistance to Families in Idaho, (TAFI), Aid to the Aged, Blind and Disabled (AABD) and other income to needy persons.  Issues presented include eligibility, amount of grant, and overpayment.

Evictions/Landlord-Tenant - Representing tenants on eviction proceedings, illegal self-help evictions such as utility terminations or lock-outs, repair problems, damage deposit disputes, rent disputes, questions about leases or rental agreements, and other miscellaneous disputes between landlord and tenant.

Public Housing - Eviction proceedings filed against public housing tenants, grievance hearings with the housing authority, issues surrounding HUD and FmHA regulations, block grant activities, subsidized housing evictions, fair housing, etc.

Foreclosures - Assisting low income homeowners who are in danger of losing their home.

Manufactured Housing - Assisting low income homeowners who are in danger of losing their home.

Utilities - Representing a client on problems with public and private water, electric, gas, and telephone companies.  Common problems include deposits, amount and liability for bills, terminations, and establishment of rates.  Includes representation of low income persons before the Idaho Public Utilities Commission.

Predatory Lending - Representing a client who has been taken illegal advantage of by lenders.

Repossessions - Assisting a client whose property has been repossessed.

Garnishment - Assisting a client whose wages have been garnished.

Debt Collection Harassment - Assisting a client who is being harassed by a creditor.

Consumer Protection - Representing clients who have problems with inferior goods or services, unfair or deceptive trade practices, misrepresentations of creditors, Truth-In-Lending disclosure violations, credit discrimination, recovering property held illegally by another, etc.

Exemptions - Representing individuals enforcing legally recognized property exemptions or limitations on execution of judgments.

Elder Abuse - Providing assistance to a senior citizen who has been abused in any way by a relative, guardian, or institution.

Will - Assisting a client with the preparation of a will.

Living Will - Assisting a client with the preparation of a living will.

Health Care Power of Attorney - Assisting a client with the preparation of a Health Care POA.

Power of Attorney - Assisting a client with the preparation of a Power of Attorney

Nursing Home Problems - Enforcing patient's right to receive adequate care and proper benefits from Medicare/Medicaid.

Homelessness - Providing homeless individuals with legal representation in a variety of issues including domestic violence, housing, and public entitlements.

Discrimination - Representing clients who have been discriminated against on the basis of race, religion, sex, handicap, national origin, age, etc.  Issues that can arise in these cases are in the areas of housing, employment, welfare and social security programs, education, credit transactions, health programs, etc.

Unemployment Benefits - State administered program to help persons who become unemployed through no fault of their own.  Issues presented include eligibility and overpayments.

Wage Claims - Includes representing a client who has not been paid by an employer.

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