If you move to a new location to escape domestic violence, sexual abuse or stalking, the Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) can help keep your new address confidential. This is done through the use of a mail-forwarding service and substitute address. In accordance with Idaho Code § 19-57, all state and local agencies are required to accept the substitute address as the actual address of the individual.

Upon approval of your ACP application, your first-class mail is sent to the secure ACP substitute address and then forwarded to your new home. You can also use the substitute address for a variety of state and local government requirements, such as:

    • Applying for and receiving child support
    • Getting an Idaho driver’s license
    • Enrolling your children in public schools
    • Applying for a marriage license

The ACP can help protect you and your loved ones by keeping your physical address private, where it would appear in public records.

For more information on the Address Confidentiality Program and to fill out an application for the program, please visit the Idaho Secretary of State Office's website: https://sos.idaho.gov/address-confidentiality-program-acp/. You may also find further information attached below.


This page was last reviewed and updated on: August 17, 2020. Please visit the external Secretary of State's website to ensure that all forms attached here are up to date.

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