Parental Powers

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“Este formulario se le llama un “Poder Notarial Para Delegar La Patria Potestad.” Las instrucciones explican cómo llenar y usar el formulario. El propósito del formulario es para que un padre o tutor legal pueda delegar su autoridad paterna sobre un niño a otro adulto para que el otro adulto pueda hacer decisiones paternas para el niño.
This form is called a “Power of Attorney Delegating Parental Powers.” The instructions explain how to fill out and use the form. The purpose of the form is for a parent or guardian to delegate his or her parental authority over a child to another adult so that the other adult can make parenting decisions for the child. While we are providing the form in English and Spanish to assist Spanish speakers in filling out the form, the form should be filled out in English because most schools, hospitals, doctors’ offices, and other organizations will only accept the form in English.

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