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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau created a "Shopping for Your Home Loan" guide for persons looking to buy home. This guide includes tips and advice before you purchase a home or settle on a home loan company.
Below is a module created by Idaho Legal Aid Services related to common legal issues surrounding seniors or the elderly and protecting their home  in relation to issues like Medicaid, foreclosure, deed, reverse mortgages, and letting others reside with you.. The module is available in English and Spanish.
This brochure was created by Idaho Legal Aid Services, Inc. to  advise seniors on how to protect their home in relation to issues like Medicaid, foreclosure, deed, reverse mortgages, and letting others reside with you.
The National Consumer Law Center, Inc. has created a free chapter on Homeowner Rights During the Covid-19 Pandemic. This Chapter covers issues such as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Federal Housing Agency (FHA), VA, and USDA mortgage loans, state-based pandemic-related relief, portfolio and private label securities, and foreclosures. This Chapter is accessible for free here: https://library.nclc.org/free-access-new-chapter-homeowner-rights-during-covid-pandemic.
The attached guide details the process of determining interests in real property (real estate and land) between an unmarried couple, where each person's name is on the deed, and the couple is now separating or separated. 
In Idaho, investor-owned utilities providing basic services such as electricity, gas, water and telecommunications services must follow rules that protect consumers. The rules are established and enforced by the Idaho Public Utilities Commission (IPUC). The IPUC is a state agency charged with regulating investor-owned utilities. (City-owned or cooperative utilities are not regulated by the IPUC). The rules say when a utility can and cannot disconnect service to a customer.
This pamphlet is for you if you: Reside in a home built before 1978. Own or Operate a child care facility, including preschools and kindergarten classrooms, built before 1978, or Have a child under six years of age who attends a child care facility built before 1978. You will learn:
El comprar una casa es parte del sueño americano. También es la decisión más costosa que una persona puede tomar. Por lo tanto, es importante que los compradores potenciales se informen acerca de cada aspecto que involucra su decisión...
This pamphlet is a brief summary of the rules adopted by the Idaho Public Utilities Commission (PUC) concerning electric, natural gas, and water termination practices. The rules apply to all residential customers of investor-owned utilities in Idaho under the jurisdiction of the PUC such as Idaho Power, Avista Utilities, Intermountain Gas, Utah Power & Light, Pacific Power & Light, Citizens Utility, and United Water. These rules do not apply to cooperative utilities or municipally owned utilities.
Owning a home is part of the American Dream. Buying a home is probably the biggest spending decision most people will ever make. Consequently, it is critical that prospective buyers are informed about every aspect of their decision.

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