Utility Issues and Shutoffs

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Attached is a What to Do If Your Landlord Shuts Off Your Utility Service(s) Guide created by Idaho Legal Aid Services, Inc. This guide provides information on your rights in this situation and the steps you can take to get your utility service turned back on as quickly as possible.
Rental and utility assistance is available for low income families who are unable to pay their current rent or utilities due to the COVID-19 pandemic or the related economic crisis. If you live within Ada County or the City of Boise, contact the Boise City Ada County Housing Authority for rent/utility assistance: https://erap.bcacha.org/. 
Este folleto es un resumen breve de las reglas adoptadas por la Comisión de Servicios Públicos de Idaho (Idaho Public Utilities Commission) (PUC por sus siglas en Ingles) en referencia a prácticas de terminación de servicios eléctricos, gas natural, y del agua. Las reglas aplica a todos los consumidores residenciales de servicios públicos de los servicios públicos de propietarios...
How to Read your electric or natural gas meter: Your Avista Utilities electric and/or natural gas meter is a precise instrument with an outstanding record of accuracy. Before being placed on your home, Avista Utilities employees calibrate meters to within five tenths of one percent of total accuracy.
Not all utilities are regulated by the commission, see: Who Does The Commission Regulate for details. If you have a problem with a regulated utility, please contact the utility first to try and resolve your complaint before contacting the commission. If the utility does not resolve the issue to your satisfaction you may file a complaint
Ever wonder what all those numbers on your Intermountain Gas Company bill mean?  Take a few minutes to get acquainted with your bill by reading the explanations on this site.
This pamphlet is a brief summary of the rules adopted by the Idaho Public Utilities Commission (PUC) concerning electric, natural gas, and water termination practices. The rules apply to all residential customers of investor-owned utilities in Idaho under the jurisdiction of the PUC such as Idaho Power, Avista Utilities, Intermountain Gas, Utah Power & Light, Pacific Power & Light, Citizens Utility, and United Water. These rules do not apply to cooperative utilities or municipally owned utilities.

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