Guardianship and Conservatorship of an Adult

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Read below to find out more information on how to transfer a guardianship to or from Idaho for a person with a development disability.    Question: I have legal guardianship over an individual with developmental disability. I need to transfer that guardianship to or from the state of Idaho. How do I do that?
Below are modules (guided informational programs) related to legal issues surrounding caregiving and caregivers in Idaho in English and Spanish.
This brochure was created by Idaho Legal Aid Services, Inc. and advises seniors and their caregivers on available resources for caregivers, both legal and non-legal.
The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau has created a Guide to Managing Another Person's Finances that may be useful to those who have a Financial Power of Attorney for another or act as a guardian or conservator for another person:  
This guide by the Self-Advocacy Speaker's Network details how supported decision making may be an alternative to a guardianship for a disabled adult. 
This brochure was created by the Idaho Court Assistance Office and provides information on common questions and answers related to guardianships and conservatorships, and is designed to help you understand what a legal guardianship or conservatorship is, how it is obtained, and describes the responsibilities of a guardian and/or conservator.
This brochure provides information on different ways to manage decision-making as we age. 

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