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This brochure was created by Idaho Legal Aid Services, Inc. and advises seniors and their caregivers on available resources for caregivers, both legal and non-legal.
This brochure was created by Idaho Legal Aid Services, Inc. to  advise seniors on how to protect their home in relation to issues like Medicaid, foreclosure, deed, reverse mortgages, and letting others reside with you.
Do you know what a place of public accommodation is? Did you know that places of public accommodation must be accessible to persons with disabilities? To learn more, please view our Public Accommodations Guide, which covers state and federal protections for persons with disabilities in places of public accommodation.
The National Consumer Law Center has created guides addressing your credit card and debit card protections and legal rights. For more information, please view the attached factsheets.
The Idaho Caregiver Alliance has developed a Caregiver Navigator Tool for unpaid family caregivers of adults or children which provides an assessment of your needs and resources to assist caregivers, such as help developing a care plan. To take the Caregiver Screening to assess your needs or to find out more information, please visit:
The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau has created a Guide to Managing Another Person's Finances that may be useful to those who have a Financial Power of Attorney for another or act as a guardian or conservator for another person:  
The Idaho Senior Legal Risk Detector is a joint project of Idaho Legal Aid Services, Inc. and ProBono.Net. The purpose of the risk detector is detect issues for seniors or the elderly related to housing, debt, financial exploitation, healthcare, and abuse and to do so quickly and accurately. To determine whether you, as a senior are at risk, or whether a loved one who is a senior is at risk, please visit our Idaho Senior Legal Risk Detector to answer some questions:
Ageing Safely has developed the following three forms to help with consumer law issues or issues dealing with money and debt:  Letter to a creditor to request debt forgiveness when a bill is owed Letter to a creditor to dispute a charge from a bank or company Letter to a credit bureau to dispute an item on a credit report Please visit Ageing Safely's website for links to these interactive forms:    
The Aging Safely website provides information regarding elder abuse and legal support, free online legal financial forms, and personal and internet safety forms. For more information, please visit:
This brochure provides information on different ways to manage decision-making as we age. 

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