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Below are guided online modules in English and Spanish that describe medical savings benefits that may be available to you in addition to medicaid or medicare benefits. For more information, please view the modules below.   
Pursuing an Upwardly Revised Community Spouse Resource Allowance prepared by Alan Wasserman, current as of May 2022  
Are you an immigrant family that has been denied Food Stamps or Medicaid because Health and Welfare asked you about the income and resources of your immigration sponsor?  
Please find attached below a brochure created by Idaho Legal Aid Services, Inc. about Medicaid Long-Term Care Benefits. 
The Idaho Senior Legal Risk Detector is a joint project of Idaho Legal Aid Services, Inc. and ProBono.Net. The purpose of the risk detector is detect issues for seniors or the elderly related to housing, debt, financial exploitation, healthcare, and abuse and to do so quickly and accurately. To determine whether you, as a senior are at risk, or whether a loved one who is a senior is at risk, please visit our Idaho Senior Legal Risk Detector to answer some questions:
It’s a task that few of us look forward to: arranging for help to be there if, as senior citizens, we are no longer able to care for ourselves. For 1.4 million seniors, that care comes in a nursing home where most residents have their bills paid by the government through the Medicaid program. For millions of others, that care comes from family members or paid providers, in homes or assisted living facilities...
As they plan for the time when they may need long-term care, consumers are likely to face some difficult and uncomfortable questions. What would I do if I were no longer able to care for myself? Would someone in my family take care of me, or would I seek care elsewhere? And how would caregivers get paid?...

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