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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) created a new tool that allows renters and landlords to find rental assistance programs in their area. To use this tool, please visit:
Idaho Legal Aid Services, Inc. has created a "Normal Wear and Tear" Guide for tenants who want to understand their rights and obligations related to caring for the rental unit and "normal wear and tear" under Idaho law and security deposit and damages issues.
Attached is a What to Do If Your Landlord Shuts Off Your Utility Service(s) Guide created by Idaho Legal Aid Services, Inc. This guide provides information on your rights in this situation and the steps you can take to get your utility service turned back on as quickly as possible.
In Idaho, investor-owned utilities providing basic services such as electricity, gas, water and telecommunications services must follow rules that protect consumers. The rules are established and enforced by the Idaho Public Utilities Commission (IPUC). The IPUC is a state agency charged with regulating investor-owned utilities. (City-owned or cooperative utilities are not regulated by the IPUC). The rules say when a utility can and cannot disconnect service to a customer.
This guide goes through the general process of a civil lawsuit in Idaho. 
  Addressing issues that can lead to unhealthy housing and looks at how unhealthy housing can sometimes be a Fair Housing issue.      
For Tenant Use: Request for Repairs Complaint Packet Fillable PDF Forms Please click the following link for PDF Instructions and Forms for "Tenant's Request for Repairs": Please read all of the instructions before filling out the forms.   
For Tenant Use: 3 Day Demand for Repairs Notice Fillable PDF Forms Please click the link for PDF instructions and forms for "Tenant's Request for Repairs" here: Please read all of the instructions before filling out the forms. 
En 1977, la legislatura de Idaho pasó una ley que le da al inquilino un método de forzar a los dueños a hacer reparaciones. Este folleto describe la ley y da algunas ideas en como usar la ley. Le recomendamos que usted siga los pasos siguientes si usted anteriormente le ha notificado al dueño de la necesidad de reparaciones y no han sido hechas...
In 1977, the Idaho Legislature passed a law which gives tenants a method of forcing landlords to make repairs. This pamphlet describes the law and gives some hints on how to use the law. We recommend you go through the following steps  in this brochure if you have previously notified the landlord of the need for repairs and they have not been made.

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