End of Life Planning

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 A new tool can help gun owners and family members plan ahead for safe firearm use and transfers in the event of disability or death: The Firearm Life Plan, created by researchers at the University of Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Regional VA Medical Center in Denver. Think of it as advance care planning for guns — a way for someone to describe what they want to have happen to their firearms should they die or become physically or cognitively disabled and unable to use them responsibly.
Below are modules (guided informational programs) created by Idaho Legal Aid Services relating to End of Life Planning in Idaho, such as Power of Attorneys, Living Wills, Wills, etc.. The modules are available in English and Spanish.  https://www.idaholegalaid.org/files/html/end-of-life-planning
This brochure was created by Idaho Legal Aid Services, Inc. and provides general legal advice to seniors regarding Power of Attorneys, Living Wills, Wills, etc.
There are many decisions to be made every day in life, even late in life. This is called life-time planning. Some of these decisions are of a financial nature, while others are of a personal nature, and still others are health-related. Financial decisions might include whether or not to have a joint bank account, how to go about paying bills and arranging finances, and drafting and maintaining legal papers. Personal decisions might include making funeral plans or burial arrangements, choosing where to live, and fulfilling spiritual or religious preferences.

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