Idaho Legal Aid Services is governed by a nineteen member Board of Directors, comprised of attorneys and clients. These board members are appointed by Bar Associations and client organizations. They serve as volunteers and give much of their time to oversee ILAS' operations. We are fortunate to have these dedicated individuals providing guidance and direction for our program.


Fourth District Bar Assoc.
Paul McFarlane, President

Fifth District Bar Assoc.
Brooke Redmond, Vice President

Cathy Beck, Secretary

North Idaho Violence Prevention
Kathleen Centers

First District Bar Assoc.
Jillian Roderick

First District Bar Assoc.
Kinzo Mihara

Second District Bar Assoc.
Sarah McDowell-Lamont

Third District Bar Assoc.
Kim Brooks

West. Id Community Action
Hazel Young

Fourth District Bar Assoc.
William Mauk

Idaho State Bar Assoc.
Lora Breen

Women's and Children's Alliance
Miriam Mbotha

Fifth District Bar Assoc.
Seth Platts

Community Representative
Adriana Arteaga

Community Representative
Amber Williams

Sixth District Bar Assoc.
Mary Shea

Seventh District Bar Assoc.
Steve Brown

Seventh District Bar Assoc.
Boyd Peterson

Eastern Idaho Head Start
Kourtney Crossley

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