Fee Waiver

Request a Waiver of Filing and Service Fees

Generally parties to a lawsuit must pay filing fees to the court when they file legal documents (this doesn't apply to protection order cases which are free to file). If a party cannot afford these fees, they can request the court waive the fees. The court will waive filing fees and also possibly law enforcement service of process fees for indigent persons.

To get a fee waiver order, you must complete a Motion and Affidavit for Fee Waiver and prepare an Order Re: Fee Waiver for the judge to sign. In the Affidavit, you will answer many questions about your income from all sources, your property, the number of people relying on you for support, and your ordinary and extraordinary living expenses.

Select the links below to download the Instructions, Motion and Affidavit, and Order:

Instructions for Filing a Motion and Affidavit for a Fee Waiver: Instructions

Motion and Affidavit for a Fee Waiver: Motion and Affidavit for a Fee Waiver

Order Regarding Fee Waiver: Proposed Order for the Court



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