Fillable PDF Forms for Adult or Minor Name Changes

Please go to: to find fillable PDF forms for either an adult or a minor name change that you can fill out and file with your local courthouse. Please read the instructions before filing out the forms.

Interactive Forms for Adult or Minor Name Changes

Interactive forms are free to low income people in Idaho with certain issues. Interactive forms allow a person to input information which automatically enters into the appropriate forms. Interactive forms for adult and minor name changes are available on the Idaho Guide & File website.  Click "Start Your Legal Process" to to generate forms you can use to e-file or print to file in person at your local courthouse.

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Please check the list below to make sure you will qualify to use the interactive forms for a name change:

  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • The name change is not to avoid creditors or outstanding debts.
  • You, or if you are requesting a name change for a minor, they, do not need to register as a convicted sexual offender under Chapter 83, title 18, Idaho Code, or under the conditions of similar laws in another state.

If any of the statements above are false, check with your local CAO Office for better information about how to proceed.

FAQS for Interactive Forms

These forms are not for commercial use and charging for use in any way is prohibited.

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Name Change Self-Help Forms

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