ILAS receives funds to help seniors from Idaho National Laboratory


Idaho National Laboratory, on behalf of Battelle Energy Alliance, awards funds to Idaho Legal Aid Services to help support low-income Idaho seniors.

Idaho Falls, Idaho (January 9, 2017)

Idaho Legal Aid Services is pleased to announce that its Idaho Falls office has received a $1,440 grant from the Idaho National Laboratory on behalf of corporate funds from Battelle Energy Alliance to provide free legal services low-income seniors in need. This support will help seniors in our communities to maintain safety and stability as they grow older. 

As they advance in age, many low-income seniors rely on social services such as Medicaid and Social Security to make ends meet. High quality legal advice is crucial to the health and safety of seniors who depend on these services. Improper advice, such as quit claiming property, establishing a living trust, or paying family members for providing care can make seniors ineligible for social services, force them to live in unsafe conditions, and prevent them from accessing necessary health care. Additionally, drafting a will can establish clear intentions for the use of a senior’s property and can prevent potential harassment and exploitation. Finally, many seniors benefit from preparing an advanced directive that addresses health care or financial affairs. This can prevent the need for an expensive guardianship and conservatorship and provide them with greater stability should they lose competence. 

Idaho Legal Aid Services has years of experience providing these types of services to seniors in need. However, due to a lack of funding, we have been forced to turn several people away. With support from Idaho National Laboratory on behalf of Battelle Energy Alliance, we will be able to serve more seniors in need. 

On behalf of our staff, attorneys, and clients, Idaho Legal Aid Services would like to extend a huge thank you to Battelle Energy Alliance for seeing the value in our mission, helping us expand our services to help more low-income seniors in need, and for making our communities and state and even better place.  

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Posted: January 17, 2017