The Uniform Family Law Interrogatories are questions to ask the other party to gain information and evidence regarding your family law case. You can edit this document as necessary for your case. 

You can have up to 40 questions in your interrogatories and you can delete any question in the Uniform Interrogatories that is not applicable to your case. Interrogatories and their subparts can count as additional questions toward the 40 questions (please read Rule 413 of Idaho Rules of Family Law Procedure, linked below). You can ask specific questions in your interrogatories that are relevant to your case (so relevant to property (if a divorce case), physical or legal custody, visitation, or child support issues). For example, one non-uniform question may be: "Who is the minor child's counselor? Please provide name and contact information for the counselor and the length of time the minor child has been seeing this counselor."

Please note that you will likely have to answer Interrogatories sent by the opposing party or his or her attorney as well. These will have to be filled out, your signature must be notarized, and then you must send them to opposing  party or his or her attorney within 30 days of being served with them.

For information regarding Interrogatories, please read Idaho Rules of Family Law Procedure 413: and 414: which specify rules regarding Interrogatories. 

For the most up to date Uniform Family Law Interrogatories, please visit the Idaho Supreme Court's website and view Form 2:

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