Chatbot FAQ


What is a chatbot? Am I talking to a real person?

A chatbot is a simple artificial intelligence based tool. Basically, it simulates a conversation, usually on a well-defined set of topics. Some businesses use chatbots to schedule appointments, answer frequently asked questions, or to provide customer support. Our chatbot Gem was built to be a friendly, helpful assistant to our website visitors.  

Gem is not a real person. Or a real lawyer. But, Gem was built and programmed by lawyers and Idaho Legal Aid Services staff. Our staff will also be keeping track of how Gem is doing – and working to make improvements. The more people chat with Gem, the better it will get at helping people find what they’re looking for!


Who can see what I type here? Will that information be shared or sold?

Idaho Legal Aid Services has a strong privacy policy – we care about protecting your privacy and information. Idaho Legal Aid Services will never sell your data or use it for any commercial purposes.  

But, Gem is powered by Google’s artificial intelligence software. Idaho Legal Aid Services does not control Google’s privacy and data practices. We strongly recommend that you don’t share any personally identifying information with Gem for this reason. By this, we mean information like:

  •     Your name/the names of the people involved in your legal issue
  •     Your address, phone number, e-mail, or other contact information  
  •     Complete information or ‘the whole story’ of your legal problem or issue.  


Can this bot give me legal advice or answer my legal questions?

No. Gem does not give legal advice or answer specific legal questions. And talking with Gem does not form a lawyer-client relationship, or guarantee that Idaho Legal Aid Services will be able to help you. Gem is meant to help you find what you are looking for on  


I’m worried about ‘algorithmic bias’ - is this AI making decisions about who gets help?

We’re worried about this, too! And we don’t want to see these harmful effects recreated in the communities we serve. Idaho Legal Aid Services will never use AI to make decisions about who we serve. You can always find and use our contact information to get in touch with someone at Idaho Legal Aid Services directly. 

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