Money, Debt, and Bankruptcy

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Utah State University has devleoped a PowerPay Tool: Helping Debtors Become Savers which guides people through the process of paying off and eliminating debt and saving. PowerPay helps you develop a personalized, self-directed debt elimination plan. Discover how quickly you can become debt free and how much you can save in interest costs by following your debt reduction plan. Utah State University Extension is pleased to provide this debt management tool without any cost to consumers worldwide.
Consumer fraud is a serious problem in Idaho, but, fortunately, it is often a preventable problem. As a consumer, you can protect yourself from fraud by understanding your rights and by making informed and intelligent decisions. El fraude al consumidor es Idaho, pero, afortunadamente, por lo general es un problema que se puede prevenir.  Como consumidor, usted se puede proteger del fraude conociendo sus derechos y tomando decisiones inteligentes y acertadas.

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