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Ageing Safely has developed the following three forms to help with consumer law issues or issues dealing with money and debt:  Letter to a creditor to request debt forgiveness when a bill is owed Letter to a creditor to dispute a charge from a bank or company Letter to a credit bureau to dispute an item on a credit report Please visit Ageing Safely's website for links to these interactive forms:    
At times we find ourselves in a difficult situation involving our bank, a large business, etc. and don’t know what to do. Calling customer service hasn’t led to any real results so you may be asking yourself what to do next?
Credit and charge card fraud costs cardholders and issuers hundreds of millions of dollars each year. While theft is the most obvious form of fraud, it can occur in other ways. For example, someone may use your card number without your knowledge. It’s not always possible to prevent credit or charge card fraud from happening. But there are a few steps you can take to make it more difficult for a crook to capture your card or card numbers and minimize the possibility...
Consumer fraud is a serious problem in Idaho, but, fortunately, it is often a preventable problem. As a consumer, you can protect yourself from fraud by understanding your rights and by making informed and intelligent decisions. There are a variety of steps you can take to protect your credit.

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