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Equity-rich, cash poor elderly homeowners are an attractive target for unscrupulous mortgage lenders. Many elderly homeowners are on fixed or limited incomes, yet need access to credit to pay for home repairs, medical care, property or municipal taxes, and other expenses. The equity they have amassed in their home may be their primary or only financial asset. Predatory lenders seek to capitalize on elders’ need for cash by offering “easy” credit and loans packed with high interest rates, excessive fees and costs, credit insurance, balloon payments and other outrageous terms...
No se fíe de cualquiera que le ofrezca un "crédito que es una ganga" o un préstamo de "consolidación", aunque lo avisen por correo, por teléfono o llamando a la puerta de casa. No se fíe de los vendedores que prometen un crédito fácil. Sospeche de quien se adelante a contactarcon usted....
Be suspicious of anyone who offers you a “bargain loan” or “consolidation” loan, whether they send you an offer, call you on the phone, or come to your door. Don’t rely on salespeople who promiseeasy credit. Be suspicious of anyone who contacts you first...
If you’re refinancing your mortgage or applying for a home equity installment loan, you should know about the Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act of 1994 (HOEPA). The law addresses certain deceptive and unfair practices in home equity lending. It amends the Truth in Lending Act (TILA) and establishes requirements for certain loans with high rates and/or high fees.
If you’re looking for a mortgage to buy a home or refinance an existing loan, you may see or hear ads with offers of low rates or payments. Whether you see them on the Internet, on television or in the paper, or whether they come by fax or mail, some of these ads look like they’re from your mortgage company or a government agency. Regardless of where you see the ads, remember that while the offers are tempting, some are terribly flawed: they don’t disclose the true terms of the deal as the law requires.
Predatory lending comes in a number of different forms. In each instance, however, a financial institution takes unfair advantage of a consumer’s financial needs by charging high interest rates and other unconscionable fees and charges...
Si usted es propietario de una vivienda y necesita dinero para pagar cuentas o para hacer reparaciones en su casa, es posible que crea que un préstamo sobre el valor neto de la vivienda (home equity loan en inglés) sea la solución. (Un préstamo sobre el valor neto de la vivienda se refi ere a un préstamo garantizado por la inversión neta en el hogar tras restarla del valor total de la hipoteca.) Pero no todos los
Over the last several years, our nation has made enormous progress in expanding access to capital for previously under served borrowers. Despite this progress, however, too many families are suffering today because of a growing incidence of abusive practices in a segment of the mortgage lending market. Predatory mortgage lending practices strip borrowers of home equity and threaten families with foreclosure, destabilizing the very communities that are beginning to enjoy the fruits of our nation’s economic success.
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