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This document details your rights as a tenant of a foreclosure property.
This brochure details advice for renters of manufactured homes in Idaho and is available in English and Spanish.
This Landlord Tenant Manual was created by the Idaho Attorney General's Office and describes both landlord and tenant's rights and responsibilities in areas such as moving in, lease agreements, privacy, repairs and damages, utilities, mold, rent, changing the lease agreement, moving out, the Manufactured Home Residency Act, and storage units. This manual also includes citations to relevant law in these areas.
Temporary Reduction in Rent Agreement. Idaho Legal Aid has prepared a customizable template agreement to assist tenants and landlords who have agreed to a temporary reduction in rent due to the pandemic. The form is not interactive, but can be downloaded as a PDF or Word document. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to find these forms. Please visit the Court Assistance Office (CAO) website for landlord-tenant self-help forms.
Aunque haya un contrato por escrito o no, si hay un contrato entre el inquilino y el dueño. Si hay un contrato por escrito, el contrato gobernara como el dueño y el inquilino deberán actuar durante la tenencia, a menos que el contrato sea contrario a la ley o política publica. Si el dueño o el inquilino tienen preguntas sobre sus derechos o sus deberes, ellos deberían primero ver el contrato de arrendamiento para la respuesta, entonces ponerse en contacto con un abogado si tienen preguntas...
This brochure was prepared by Idaho Legal Aid Services, Inc. for the purpose of informing landlords and tenants of their rights and responsibilities. It attempts to summarize current Idaho law and to provide general legal information. For specific legal advice, please seek advice from an attorney. To see if you qualify for legal advice from Idaho Legal Aid Services, please click "Apply for Help" above. 
This pamphlet is a brief summary of the rules adopted by the Idaho Public Utilities Commission (PUC) concerning electric, natural gas, and water termination practices. The rules apply to all residential customers of investor-owned utilities in Idaho under the jurisdiction of the PUC such as Idaho Power, Avista Utilities, Intermountain Gas, Utah Power & Light, Pacific Power & Light, Citizens Utility, and United Water. These rules do not apply to cooperative utilities or municipally owned utilities.

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