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Below is a module created by Idaho Legal Aid Services related to common legal issues surrounding seniors or the elderly and protecting their home  in relation to issues like Medicaid, foreclosure, deed, reverse mortgages, and letting others reside with you.. The module is available in English and Spanish.
Do you know what a place of public accommodation is? Did you know that places of public accommodation must be accessible to persons with disabilities? To learn more, please view our Public Accommodations Guide, which covers state and federal protections for persons with disabilities in places of public accommodation.
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) created a new tool that allows renters and landlords to find rental assistance programs in their area. To use this tool, please visit: www.consumerfinance.gov/renthelp
The Idaho Senior Legal Risk Detector is a joint project of Idaho Legal Aid Services, Inc. and ProBono.Net. The purpose of the risk detector is detect issues for seniors or the elderly related to housing, debt, financial exploitation, healthcare, and abuse and to do so quickly and accurately. To determine whether you, as a senior are at risk, or whether a loved one who is a senior is at risk, please visit our Idaho Senior Legal Risk Detector to answer some questions:
The Idaho Division of Veterans Services operates three Veterans Homes in Boise, Lewiston and Pocatello. All three homes share a common goal of providing responsive medical and supportive care to veterans who can no longer provide for themselves. The quality of life for veterans is their primary focus and we provide an environment that supports privacy, independence, comfort and security, while meeting social needs.
Below is a list of programs for homeless veterans in Idaho:  Ada County Programs
Rental and utility assistance is available for low income families who are unable to pay their current rent or utilities due to the COVID-19 pandemic or the related economic crisis. If you live within Ada County or the City of Boise, contact the Boise City Ada County Housing Authority for rent/utility assistance: https://erap.bcacha.org/. 
Idaho Legal Aid Housing Advice Line: call us at (208) 746-7541 or apply online at our website.  www.idaholegalaid.org Intermountain Fair Housing Council 208-383-0695 in Boise area or 1-800-717-0695 (toll free) Idaho Human Rights Commission 208-334-2873 in Boise area or 1-888-249-7025 (toll free) or 208-334-4751 (TDD/TTY)
If you are indigent and cannot afford hospital and medical care, including medications, or basic necessities such as rent, food, and utilities, then the county is required by law to assist you in paying for them. This is a "last resort" program. This means that the county will pay for these services or necessities only if you have no other way of paying for them on a temporary basis.  If, for example, you receive Medical Assistance through the state, then that program must pay for your hospital and medical bills.
Design and Construction Resources HUD Design Manual - Fair Housing Guidelines: www.huduser.org Select publications on the left Select alphabetical listing on right Select "F" for fair housing Select Design Manual ANSI - American National Standards Institute 11 West 42nd Street New York, New York 10036 Can be purchased on-line from a variety of sources; cannot be reproduced Fair Housing Accessibility First

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