Idaho Credit and Debt Manual - English and Spanish (Espanol)

Consumer fraud is a serious problem in Idaho, but, fortunately, it is often a preventable problem. As a consumer, you can protect yourself from fraud by understanding your rights and by making informed and intelligent decisions. There are a variety of steps you can take to protect your credit.

(El fraude al consumidor es un problema muy serio en Idaho. Afortunadamente, esto es un problema que se puede prevenir en la mayoría de los casos. Como consumidor, usted se puede proteger del fraude conociendo sus derechos y tomando decisiones inteligentes y acertadas. Existen muchos pasos a seguir para proteger su crédito.)

Please review the Idaho Attorney General's Office Credit and Debt Manual for more information. Please note that this guide was created in 2005 so some information may no longer be accurate. 

For a general Consumer Protection Manual, please visit the Idaho Attorney General's Office website at: or (Spanish/Espanol). 

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