For Tenant Use: 3 Day Demand for Repairs Notice

Interactive Forms

The information you will need to complete the request for repairs interview includes:

  • Full name(s) of your landlord(s)
  • Landlord's mailing address
  • Rental property address
  • Type of repair(s) needed. Idaho law gives tenants a right to sue a landlord for certain repairs: water-proofing or weather-protection, electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation, cooling, sanitary facilities, installation of a smoke detector (not repair), or other conditions hazardous to health or safety

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If you don’t have all of the required information, you can still use the interactive forms to fill in the information you do have. If you set up a free and confidential user name and password for the interactive forms, you can start your form, save your answers, and finish completing the interactive forms when you have the remaining needed information. Or, you can complete as much of the information as possible, take your forms to your local CAO office, and ask for assistance with filling in the remaining needed information.

Interactive Forms FAQs


Fillable PDF Forms

If you would prefer to use a fillable PDF rather than the interactive process for these forms, please click the link for PDF instructions and forms for "Tenant's Request for Repairs" here: Please read all of the instructions before filling out the forms. 

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