At times we find ourselves in a difficult situation involving our bank, a large business, etc. and don’t know what to do. Calling customer service hasn’t led to any real results so you may be asking yourself what to do next?

Below you will find a number of institutions both governmental and private that specialize in helping you to file a complaint. These institutions are similar to leaving a review on Google or Yelp except they work resolve the issue. As such, they are not places for a person to rant and rave about how terrible the service at a restaurant was, but rather to help a person that was a victim of a shady business, or to get help when a financial institution (like a bank) has mistreated someone. They are not law enforcement agencies imposing a punishment onto these businesses, but rather helping to add authority to your complaint. If your issue cannot be solved after submitting a complaint through one or more of these resources, it is recommended to seek legal help from a private attorney.

Review the document below for links to the agencies that may be able to help if you submit a complaint. These agencies include: 

1. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

2. Help with my Bank

3. Federal Trade Commission Complaint

4. Idaho Attorney General Consumer Protection Complaint

5. Better Business Bureau Complaint


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