At the Women's and Children's Alliance (WCA) in Ada County, Court Advocates are able to provide a number of services to those that have experienced domestic abuse and/or sexual abuse. Court Advocates are able to assist petitioners in seeking protection orders by helping them fill out protection order petitions and accompanying them to court. Individuals may also contact the WCA for divorce and/or custody referrals to legal agencies, information regarding family law processes, as well as for opportunities to access free legal information from volunteer attorneys. Lastly, Court Advocates are able to provide Safety Planning appointments. This is a personalized safety planning session to talk about ways a person may be able to feel a bit safer around the home, in the community, and many other scenarios. All WCA resources are free and confidential.

For assistance with any of these matters, please contact a Court Advocate at: (208) 343-3688, Extension 200.

For more information regarding the Women's and Children's Alliance, please view the attached brochures available in English and Spanish (Espanol). 

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